Here is what just some of our satisfied customers think about this amazing program.

Steve from Texas

One of the best things we’ve derived from the program is the sense of optimism knowing that the hole we dug ourselves into was not bottomless and we’re on track for being free and clear…

Mike from Ohio

At this pace, per the program, I will pay off the home loan in 1.9 years…You have really changed our lives…

Susanne from New Jersey

I am super psyched and I recommend this to everyone or at least anyone who wants to be debt-free in a short time frame.
quoteI believe that this program is changing our families lives so much so that I am on a personal mission to tell everyone that I know about how AWESOME this product is. There is Nothing like it anywhere! We started at 11.1 years to pay off our home and in less than 8 months we were down to 8.75! That is a blow away! Thank you so much for helping us to see clearly into our future. Way to go!

Casey & Jacqueline P.

quoteTruly a system to solve America’s biggest problem: DEBT!

Nancy B.

aasWe were only 2.5 years into our 30-year mortgage when we got on the plan. Now, only a short 18 months later, our projected payoff is only 4.3 years away. Best of all, we have not changed our lifestyle one bit. I would recommend this system to anyone who would like to save thousands in interest and pay off their house sooner!

Brian & Janice W.

quoteThis is a very awesome tool. It gives us the discipline that will definitely lead to financial freedom… Where were you 20 years ago?

Alma & Cesar L.

aaHi, I just wanted to share how pleased I am with Mysmartpay. It has been invaluable in helping me keep track & stay on top of my finances. Soon I’ll be debt free.

Maureen, Tennessee

aaThe customer service that I have received with the program has been excellent. I really appreciate the helpful and friendly assistance from the associates. I would happily recommend this program to friends and family.

Steven, Florida

Our trainer did an excellent job. Thanks for the e-mail address and the opportunity to set up another date and time if we feel we need more personal help.

Loris & Lois R.

Our trainer was great. He explained things thoroughly and was very patient. I know this program will work … Once again, thanks to Patrick, he was great.

Kyle & Tracey H.

This program has made my life free from the worries of bill paying and staying on a budget. You know where you stand at all times. It is the easiest program to manage your personal finances. Unexpected bills or emergencies never concern me anymore.

Cathy G.

This is an excellent tool for debt reduction.

Jeffrey N.

Since purchasing the program, I have been able to look at money in a whole different way than the typical, conventional manner as before. The freedom that this program gives is worth the price of admission and to have the processing power of knowing how your money is working is a true blessing. I like the new format, though the older version was fine as well.

Beau & Sylvia O.

My coach did an excellent job of explaining how the program works. I am even more excited now about this moneysaving program than I was at the time of purchase. I finally have a sure-fire method of controlling my funds and tracking my spending. Thank you.

Celia R.

I am ultra conservative by nature. When I first heard about the program, I was very hesitant. I looked into and researched the program for almost a year. After seeing what it did for a good friend of mine, I jumped on board. The support team has been awesome. It is the best financial decision I have made in my adult life. I wish I would have started a year earlier.

Rob P.

I wish I would have know about this program years ago. It would have saved me thousands of dollars. But I am on track NOW! Thank you.

Rosemary M.

I will have to say that the customer service is outstanding. She went above and beyond.She’s awesome!!


My coach was very helpful, even anticipating my problems or next question. While I may need some additional assistance as I utilize the program, I am sure that I will get the answers immediately and that gives me a sense of security.

Gerald & Janet S.

The training I received today was good as I’m not very good with the computer. My Trainer was patient with me and answered all my questions. Thanks.

June E.

We are excited about all of this! All of your GREAT help and coaching has given us confidence not only in the program but also in the company behind the program. Thanks.

Don and Cindy M.


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